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Curnis Gioielli is an authorised ROLEX dealer.
Experience to advise you in your selections.

Rolex. Performance and prestige.

For her

Models specifically designed for our clients, such as the LadyDateJust Everose gold model with bezel and dial surrounded by diamonds.

and prestige.

For him

Models created for specific sports or professional activities, or extreme elegance such as the classic Cellini.

Perpetual style

Purchasing a Rolex is a matter of style and the desire to express it. Value and precision are maintained over time, by measuring it.


Offerings of exclusive beauty.

Offerings of

Peruffo Jewelry

Roberto Coin is a brand that implies moments of joy and excitement, a name that means stylistic originality and design in any language, there for you to discover in all of its many expressions.

The fury of courage, the passion of love and the vitality of hope are combined in a single, heartfelt message of goodwill, hidden away in a little ruby.


18Kt white gold solitaire with certified natural diamond, from € 900.


Jewelery made by italian craftsmen in 18Kt gold and with precious stones: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies.


Allow yourself to experience the feeling of trying and wearing the jewellery that you have always wanted.

We can tell you how it feels to wear one of our pieces of jewellery, describe its lustre, the pleasure of seeing metal that has been formed into a design, but nothing we tell you can compare to you experiencing the feeling of wearing it first-hand. Come and try the Curnis Luxury Experience!

In our store you will also find the collection of jewellery that has been specifically created for Curnis.
Exclusive offerings strictly made in Italy mounted with certified precious stones.